The future is here: Augmented Reality comes to pharma manufacturing

Werum_Dividella_Goodly_Pharma4.0_AR-guided-format-change-(HoloLens)Are we finally getting used to the dramatic new technological innovations changing and improving our everyday lives? Such trends have now started to invade every sphere of activity and industry – and pharma manufacturing is no exception.

The latest potential game-changer is Augmented Reality (AR), a new human-to-computer interface that revolves around use of a virtual reality type headset to overlay information on top of our physical surroundings. Microsoft HoloLens is one such AR smart device. By simply putting on this pair of headset with integrated smart glasses and using hand movements to visualize and respond to commands, users gain a simpler and vastly more efficient way to interact with control systems at their manufacturing facilities.

With AR, a systems engineer can walk freely around a facility and receive notifications in real-time, in a highly natural way, as system-generated data from a variety of sources is relayed through the device. For instance, the engineer might be informed of a glitch in process equipment, or of a location that will soon require replenishment, or of an instrument showing signs of requiring preventative maintenance. This brings a whole new meaning to the concept of manufacturing control, because more potential errors will be caught and addressed in advance, leading to lower costs and tremendous gains in efficiency.

At its European PAS-X User Group Meeting, Werum IT Solutions showcased how a changeover process on a Dividella packaging machine can be executed using augmented-reality with a system based on HoloLens powered by Goodly Innovations software in connection with Werum’s PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System. Check out our video to see how this manufacturing control concept is enabling the future of pharma manufacturing.


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