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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) replace paper-based, slow and error-prone processes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. But what exactly are the benefits of digitization for pharma and biotech manufacturers? And how do you find the right MES supplier? Read more in our blog post and download our MES white paper.
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While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions aim to support company-wide collaboration with a focus on office-based functions (finance, procurement, HR, supply chain, etc.), MES solutions allow planning and control of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical factory shop floor operations. They introduce electronic batch recording to the pharmaceutical production while taking care of batch execution and GMP-compliant documentation of every process step.

MES digitizes your pharma and biotech production
But why should pharma and biotech companies use an MES? The short answer is: Manufacturing Execution Systems offer substantial improvements over paper-based processes. They help pharma manufacturers create flawless manufacturing processes, reduce risks, time, costs and effort, and increase process efficiency and product quality. In addition, they provide valuable real-time information on requirement changes. And they are an important prerequisite for digitization and Pharma 4.0.

An MES helps you to save time & effort and avoid risk
A more detailed answer must take into account at least five areas where pharma and biotech companies can benefit from an MES:

You are interested to learn more about these key benefit areas?
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Finding the right Pharma MES supplier
With the right MES, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers can reduce time, efforts and risks and finally save costs – provided that the system meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of functions, usability and compliance. To ensure this, it is essential that the MES provider understands the industry-specific products and shop-floor processes and also has the necessary experience to implement such systems successfully. One of the world’s leading Pharma MES suppliers is Werum IT Solutions. Its PAS-X MES is 100% focused on pharma, biotech and cell & gene therapy manufacturing.

📌Download our FREE white paper with 1 click

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